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Would you like to play blues piano? Sheet music can be hard to find. This website has sourced the best books and teaches blues piano beginners how to get started.


Blues Piano Sheet Music
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Blues Piano Sheet Music
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Let Blues Piano Sheet Music Be Your Basis
Like rhythms, harmonies, themes and timbres, melody is one of the pillars of a musical ‘sound,’ and blues pianists are skilled with it. Nearly every piece of blues piano sheet music you find online will have a melodic component, even if it’s not the main focus of the exercise. To master melodies, you’ll need to learn your scales and harmonies, and you’ll need to understand the unique conventions that define how piano sheet music can free you to express your own blues.

First, you’ll need to know which notes are suitable to play in your blues music. This collection of appropriate tones is your scale. Let’s have a look at an example in the free blues sheet music below:

Blues piano sheet music

This is a simple blues scale in F, and it is read as F – A flat – B flat – B – C – E flat – F.

The symbol in front of B on the sheet, the fourth tone, is called a natural, and it is used to “undo” the flat established by the note that follows.

If you play this up and down on your piano, you will hear that jazzy sound that makes it easy to spot blues piano when you hear it. The reason for this is the pattern of relationships between the pitches – they’re different, in some important ways, from what you would find in classical, or rock or pop music.

Some of these are known as blue notes, and they’re common in blues piano sheet music, but few other places.  They are characteristic of the blues in the way they are used to introduce contrast and tension between the melody and the harmony. They’re often just slightly out of tune, and so are usually played on instruments capable of bending pitches, like guitar and voice. Raw, slightly detuned notes like these work against the musical cleanliness of your blues piano, and the result is that gritty, rough edginess that makes blues melodies so expressive.

For your homework, try counting the keys between these tones, and then try to build some other blues scales beginning on other keys. And have fun!

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  1. Fouad says:

    I was wondering if you could somehow acquire some sheet music for THE POWDER BLUES DOIN IT RIGHT, I will accept piano, alto sax or trumpet if you have got it. If you don’t have any of these instruments that would be alright as well.


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